Tolkien Read Through

I have started this blog in order to have a more engaging and active read through of Tolkien’s The History of Middle-Earth.

The start will be The Book of Lost Tales part one. For each chapter I will write a brief plot summary. After this there will be some of my own thoughts of the chapter and additional comments. I will base most of my posts on the written text, the commentaries and additional information online. Different chapters might focus on different issues concerning the content. Not sure how this will turn out, I’m just gonna have a go at it and enjoy it.


This is my collection of Tolkien books (among some others). In the future I might even have a go at writing about the others as well.

4 thoughts on “Tolkien Read Through

  1. Hi Lisa, you wouldn’t believe it but I was going to do something similar over at my blog! This is a great idea from you end, as I have yet to go through the HoME series.

    Looking forward to the next posts 🙂

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    • It is going to be fun process! I have learnt so much more just from taking notes after reading just the foreword and one chapter. 🙂 I hope to write at a level that new readers can be at ease to read.

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  2. When are you going to blog again? Are you reading a Tolkien book and working on a review? Well, I would love it if you worked on your blog again. The posts are really good. I followed your blog.


    • Thank you so much! It makes me so happy to hear that you like the blog. 😀

      I have not been reading much lately, mainly because of I have been busy with an internship. Also, I have been reading mostly non-Tolkien stuff this year . When I have finished the book that I am currently reading I will start reading Tolkien’s Beowulf translation. So hopefully I can manage a new post in july!

      Not sure when I will continue with the next History of Middle-Earth volume.

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