Tolkien Questionaire (1/5)

Since I’ve just got about a few days to finish the book I’m reading before taking up The Book of Lost Tales part 2, I’m thinking that I will do like A Tolkienist’s Perspective and answer these Tolkien related questions. I’ll be featuring 10 questions for each posts. So there will be five of them. Note that I’m basing this solely on The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Books or movies?

For me each media complement the other one fantastically. Where there are gaps in one, the other can fill in. A few passages made more sense for me when I read them after having seen the film, visually, but also, knowledge from the book hightens the experience of watching the films. I’m not partial in this question.

Which character do you connect with the most?

In the films, I’ve always been much attached to Théoden emotionally. In the books, I like Gandalf the most, but I’m not sure with which character I connect with the most. I’m sitting here thinking and none is for sure. Might be Aragorn.

What are your top 5 favorite tracks from the soundtracks?

I’m the worst of remembering single titles because I usually listen to the soundtracks from beginning to end in one sweep. I’m not sure where one song starts and ends! Without any special order I think these are my top 5: The Hornburg, The Breaking of the Fellowship, The Steward of Gondor, Samwise the Brave, The King of the Golden Hall and The Uruk Hai. Oups, that’s six tracks! 😛

Which scene always makes you cry?

I have rarely cried to films in general, but one heartbreaker is when Merry and Pippin get separated when Gandalf brings Pippin to Minas Tirith.

Where would you live in Middle-earth?

I think anywhere in the Shire would be pretty nice. Osgiliath in its heyday would be cool as well. But, hillfort- and Iron-age nerd that I am, I would probably be found at Edoras.

Which race would you be?

Human most probably! A dwarf version of me would be pretty cool too though.

Orcs or Uruk-hai?

Orcs. I don’t have any good arguments for this though.

Favorite character?

I’m just going to say Gandalf. Not very original, but he’s great. I really like Radagast (as I envision him based on the book).

Which character do you look the most like?

I’ve been told I look a little bit like Liv Tyler, so Arwen then. Though I have none Elvish grace to speak of.

Who is your favorite paring? (canon or non-canon)

Faramir and Eówyn, it is such a comfort when they get together and they’re both two of the bravest characters throughout and they deserve each other.


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