Tolkien Questionaire (4/5)

Have you read the book?

Yes, I don’t think I’d be able to answer some of the earlier questions if not! I think that I have read The Hobbit four times and The Lord of the Rings three times. I might have written about this in my “About the blogger” section?

Have you ever had a LOTR marathon? Describe your perfect marathon.

Yes, quite a few! The perfect one is when there are a few fellow fans of the films there and with some good food. Preferably in the winter, when it is dark outside a big part of the day here in Sweden. One of the best marathons I’ve been at was not at my place, but at a person that I had met in queue for buying tickets for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, so the weekend before the release of the film we had a marathon together with a group of dedicated fans of the films. That was great!

When did you first watch the films and/or read the book?

First read The Hobbit and Fellowship in 2001. Saw Fellowship in 2001 or early 2002 on cinema. Then I read Two Towers and Return of the King in 2002 before seeing Two Towers. I read The Silmarillion in 2003 before seeing Return of the King.

What is your favorite film/book?

That’s an impossible pick! They’re all such a unity anyway.

Get drink with/marry/fight to the death. (Pick three characters)

I’d drink with Elrond, he’d be able to hold an interesting conversation over a glass of fine wine (though, I’d have something else to drink). I’d marry Merry, because we’d have a laugh. I’d fight Bill Ferny, because I’d be less likely to beat any other bad guy in the series.

Which scene scares you the most?

The scenes that made me flinch first times I saw the film was the Bilbo jump-scare moment in Rivendell and the Troll looking for Frodo in Moria.

Gondor or Rohan?

Rohan! No surpise there. J

Which character(s) would you want as your parent(s)?

Elrond, so much knowledge and to be able to grow up in Rivendell would be cool.

Which characters would you want as your best friends?

All the Hobbits!

When was the last time you watched the films/read the book?

I saw the films last year, and I read the books most recently in 2012. That was the first time I read them in English actually!

2 thoughts on “Tolkien Questionaire (4/5)

  1. We would be sisters! I chose Elrond, too.

    The first time I watched that scene with Bilbo in Rivendell I was so scared that I stopped the movie and I didn’t watch it again for few days!


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