Tolkien Questionaire (5/5)

Favorite horse?

Bill! Because I’m so glad he could come with the Hobbits and Strider from Bree and get better.

If you could spend a day in Middle-earth, what would you want to do?

I’d go join in listening to storytelling around a hearth where I could find it. Maybe in Meduseld or a camp outdoors.

Is there anything you would change about the books?

I wouldn’t know what could improve them! I love the language. In the Swedish translation though there is a bit more that I would change. Like place-names and names in general doesn’t work that well.

What do you think is the greatest lesson LOTR has to offer?

Importance of companionship and respect for other groups and for nature.

What would your dream home in Middle-earth be like?

A place where I could enjoy various scenery and meet up with different folks.

How would you describe what LOTR means to you in one word?


Which death makes you the most sad?

Boromir and Theoden, in both books and films.

Favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the films?

Oh, where to start? So many moments come to mind that I can’t name a favourite! Let’s say a lot of the “on location” stuff then! I really enjoyed the Costa Botes documentary that came with the Limited Extended Edition DVDs.

If you could own any item from the films, what would it be?

Ohh, that’s so difficult! Maybe Gandalf’s carriage?

If you had the opportunity to meet the Professor, what do you think you would say?

Oh, I’d probably mention that I really like his work and then end up talking about Norse mythology and such subjects.

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