II: The Book of Lost Tales part 2, I: THE TALE OF TINÚVIEL (1/2)

The chapter begins with a Link to the Tale of Tinúviel in which the current state of Eriol’s stay is made clear and he tells shorter tales of where he comes from. The main lovestory about Tinúviel and Beren is told by Vëannë and since it features ~40 pages this post will be split in half. My commentary will be provided in the second post and this one contains half the plot and a few features to note.

The Link to the Tale of Tinúviel

Eriol has forgotten his wandering mood and is content to stay in old Kortirion at Tol Eressëa. Winter is approaching and while visiting the people settled he have connected well with the children in the Hall of Play Regained. On request he tells them about where he came from and how his longing for voyaging the sea, how he learnt to and that it led him to Tol Eressëa. Of this, a boy called Ausir is very interested. However, Eriol asks the girl Vëannë to tell him a tell. She tells him the Tale of Tinúviel.

The Tale of Tinúviel

Tinwelint, the leader of some Ilkorindi and a few Noldoli had two children, Dairon and Tinúviel, together with his wife Gwendeling. Together the children often played and danced together outside of their dwelling in the forest. One day, the Gnome Beren from beyond the Bitter Hills came upon them and was enchanted by Tinúviels dance. The brother Dairon saw Beren and since gnomes was seen as treacherous and enemies he fled and Tinúviel hid. However, Beren found Tinúviel but she fled. Beren found them many more times after and he watched her danced. Tinúviel invited him to the dance one time when Dairon was not with her, because she could tell Beren loved the dance. Beren got to meet Tinwelint and Gwendeling. He asks if he can wed Tinúviel, both Dairon and Tinwelint laughs and Tinwelint jests that if Beren can bring him a Silmaril (three Silmarils are placed on the Iron Crown of Melko), then he can wed Tinwelints daugther. Beren was determined to do this.

As Beren journey towards Angamandi he went to hardships and was then captured by orcs who brought him before Melko. Melko thought Beren was a runagate thrall, but through flattery and telling that he was no friend of the men of Aryador (from which he said he came and some gnomes/noldoli lived free) he was not killed. Instead, he was put into thraldom/service of Tevildo to carch birds and beasts. Tevildo, the Prince of Cats, disliked Beren from the first moment and ordered Beren to work as a scullion.

Tinúviel missed Beren and asked for help to get him back, for her mother Gwendeling knew that he had been captured. Tinwelint was angry at this and scared that Tinúviel would go get Beren herself, so he built a house in the tallest of trees, Hirilorn, in which Tinúviel had to live. No one was allowed to help get her from there. Using spells and magic together with objects that she was able to get hold of without her parents knowing she made her dark hair grow long. She cut it to weave dark garments and to fashion a long rope which would help her climb down. The magic of her clothes made the guards fall asleep. She travelled towards the abode of Melko and when she was closing in, she met Huan, the Captain of Dogs. She told him that she searched for Beren. Since Huan was a friend of Beren’s father, he wanted to help Tinúviel. Their plan was for Tinúviel to lure Tevildo to the place wher Huan lies, pretending to be sick, and there fight him. This would aid Beren.

Characters to note

  • Vëannë – Elfmaiden who dwells on Tol Eressëa.
  • Ausir – Boy elf who dwells on Tol Eressëa.
  • Tinúviel – Daughter of Tinwelint and Gwendeling.
  • Tinwelint – Also Tinwë Linto. Former leader of those who would become the Solosimpi. Having remained in the Great Lands he is now King of some of the Ilkorini. Partner with Gwendeling. In Silmarillion = Thingol.
  • Gwendeling – Not an elf but a fay who was under Lórien. Can put others to sleep by singing. Partner with Tinwelint.
  • Dairon – Son of Tinwelint and Gwendeling. Skilled musician and one of the three most magic pipers.
  • Beren – A free gnome/Noldoli Elf. Son of Egnor the Forester.
  • Tevildo – Prince of Cats. Servant of Melko.
  • Huan – Captain of the Dogs.

Places to note

  • Artanor – “The Land Beyond”. A Forested land where Tinweling has his dwellings in caverns. In Silmarillion = Doriath.
  • The Bitter Hills – Also, “The Iron Mountains”. Divides Artanor from Hisilómë.
  • Hisilómë – Also called Aryador and Hithlum. consists of the Land of Shadow and Dor Lómin.

Features to note

  • The Silmarils – The magic stones made by Fëanor. Now in possesion of Melko.
  • Ilkorindi – The elves that where lost in the great lands or those that chose to remain. I.e. Those who never came to Kôr.

Have you read this chapter or do you want to know more? Please comment and tell me what you think of this part or if you have something to ask! 

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