II: The Book of Lost Tales part 2, IV: THE NAUGLAFRING

This chapter follow up the events in The Tale of Tinúviel and The Tale of Turambar. The story follows what the consequences of the curse on the treasure of Glorund after Úrin have left the treasure at the halls of Tinwelint. This is what start a deep conflict between elves and dwarves.

Ailos/Gilfanon start telling the story and reminds the listerners how Úrin had left the treasure of Glorund at the halls of Tinwelint and left the place. There, the curse of the gold took place. There was a conflict over how to divide the gold and a fight between the band of Úrin and the woodelves took place. All men of the band died and some of the elves too. Gwedelin tells Tinwelint that the treasure is cursed and that they should not touch it and throw it in a river. However, not having much gold , Tinwelint still thought the treasure glorious. A visiting gnome, Ufedhin, who was leagued with the Nauglath and Indrafangs, groups of dwarves. Ufedhin was affected by the curse and thus he asks that dwarves work the gold for small guerdon to save the hoard. By this, he played on Tinwelint’s poverty. Half the gold was to be sent with Ufedhin to the dwarves and be brought back for judging. If Tinwelint does not like the work, the dwarves would have to return, otherwise they could work the rest of the gold.

Instead, Tinwelint sent his own men and one of Ufedhin’s group to guide them to the dwarves, and helt Ufedhin and his group hostage. The agreement of Ufedhin and  Tinwelint was told to Naugladur of Nogrod. During his time as hostage Ufedhin starts plotting a revenge on Tinwelint. After some time some dwarves return with the gold that they had worked.

Tinwelint made Ufedhin and the dwarves to stay and work on the rest of the gold, instead of letting them take it with them. They had to stay like prisoner. They made a crown and armor for the king and other things for the queen. When all this is done Ufedhin tells that the finest gold is left and that they will make the most marvellous ornament, a necklace in which the Silmaril could be placed. Tinwelint doubts the purpose of this, but allow it to be done. Added to the curse of the gold, the necklace was wrought with the baleful thoughts of the dwarves.

When given to Tinwelint, who puts the necklace around his neck, the curse fell upon him. Ufedhin asks for their rewards and claims none for himself. The dwarves asks for too much according to Tinwelint, but the dwarves demands more. Tinwelint acts unreasonable and unfair. The dwarves and Ufedhin returns to Nogrod. They wanted to be avenged upon Tinwelint and sate their greed. So they gathered a host of dwarves and hired orcs and goblins to aid them. An elf of Tinwelint who was also struck by the lust for gold led the host through the magic defense of Gwedelin.

They attacked during the commemoration of the hunt of Karakras. Mablung and Huan had joined the king for this and where out in the woods instead of being in the cavernous abode where the king lives. In the fight with the king, the dwarves and orcs slayed Tinwelint and Mablung and then made for Tinwelints halls. At the sight of the beheaded Tinwelint Gwedelin fled and the fighting continues.

Huan sped to Beren and Tinúviel and told them all about what had happened. Naugladur had seizes the Nauglafring (the necklace). Another lord of the dwarves, Bodruith, wanted to have it and when trying to get it he was killed by Ufedhin. Naugladur woke up and the elf fled. Ufedhin met Beren and told him about where the dwarves where headed. Beren’s decided to trap them by the river Aros. When the dwarves arrived many where killed by archers. Beren fought with Naugladur and seized the necklace. In awe of the Silmaril he once took from Melko he kept it and the rest of the treasure went into the river.

When Beren and his company got home he put the necklace on Tinúviel who appeared even more beautiful wearing it. Even though she shortly after took it off, she had become cursed and got sick. Beren kept the necklace but the doom of mortality came upon Tinúviel. Beren search for her, aidless, until his own death.

Their son Dior the fair, became the new ruler in the area when Beren disappeared. Dior took to wear the necklace and where famous for having it, because of the Silmaril. He became father to two childen, Auredhir and Elwing. The seven sons of Fëanor wanted to retrieve the Silmarils and they got word that Dior’s daugther Elwing usually wears the necklace. Bound by their unbreakable oath they tried to get to the Silmaril and they even killed Dior and Auredhir. The nurse of Elwing and a gnome fled with Elwing from the lands, still having the necklace. A battle commenced between the folk of Dior and the sons of Fëanor.

Ailios ends this tale and tell that all the fates now have finally led to Eärendel, of whom the next tale would be told.

Characters to note

  • Ufedhin – A Noldoli elf/gnome who had spent much time with the dwarves. His attraction towards the Silmaril and the cursed gold made him devise plans that lead to the slaying of Tinweling and the fall of his halls.
  • Fangluin – An aged dwarf of Nogrod.
  • Naugladur – King of the dwarves of Nogrod.
  • Badruith – Dwarf. The Lord of Belegost.
  • Sons of Fëanor – Fëanor the noldoli made the Silmarils in Valinor.
    • Maidros
    • Maglor
    • Dinithel
    • Damrod
    • Celegorm
    • Cruthor
    • Curufin
  • Dior – Also called Ausir the Wealthy. Son of Beren and Tinuviel.
  • Auredhir – Son of Dior.
  • Elwing – Daugther of Dior.

Places to note

  • Nogrod – The mightiest dwelling of the dwarves.
  • Belegost – Another dwarf dwelling.
  • Aros – The river in which the majority of the treasure hoard was “dumped”.

Features to note

  • The Nauglafring – The Necklace of the Dwarves. Made by the finest gold from the cursed treasure of Glorund and the Silmaril taken from Melko’s Iron Crown. The Silmarils was made by Fëanor.
  • Nauglath – Dwarves
  • Indrafangs – Group of dwarves, “Longbeards”.


The most interesting about this chapter is, by no doubt, the nature of the dwarves. They are most different from the final ideas Tolkien had about dwarves. It is very difficult seeing Gimli or any of the Dwarves of The Hobbit to have any connection to these dwarves.

Here they are described as evil, treacherous (even among themselves) and as allies with the creatures of Melko (and to some extent, even with Melko himself). They’re clearly not enemies of Melko. In the earlier chapter, this evil nature is demonstrated by the character of Mîm, who is in league with the dragon Glorund.

Have you read this chapter or do you want to know more? Please comment and tell me what you think of this part or if you have something to ask! 

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