Tolkien week: Day 3 – Lúthien Tinúviel

Okay, so, another day another illustration! So far I have actually done my part and completed a drawing each day, it is a habit I hope to continue! (To draw for 1-2 hours several days a week).

Anyway, I thought that I wanted to give a try on a very well known character this time that I have never tried to draw before. Actually, from reading The Book of Lost Tales I got a more clear idea of how I imagine Tinúviel to look from what I ever got from reading the Silmarillion and I think I lived up to it very well in this illustration.


Lúthien/Tinúviel. Illustration made by the author of this blog. Do not use without permission.

The image is a lot more dark than in real life… Anyway, Lúthien is the daughter of Elu Thingol (King of Doriath) and Melian the Maia. She is famously known for her relationship with Beren One-handed.

What is so interesting about their story is that it defies a classical hero-saves-princess narrative. Here, Lúthien actually rescues Beren. She is a powerful elf, having herited some powers from her mother (a Maia/demi-god). Her character is actually filled with agency and this makes the story of romance between man and elf even more compelling. She is a perfect example of how Tolkien not only writes strong hero-like male characters, but also strong female characters that are not strong because they are “manly”, but they’re strong in their own ways.

I think that this is great since there are not an abundance of females in Tolkiens texts, but those who are there, sure have a strong precence. Lúthien, Eówyn and Galadriel are all free of being only portrayed as etheral beings only being put on a piedestal to be adored. They are their own persons and does not act on the wills of others.

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