Tolkien Week: Day 4 – Tuor son of Huor

Fourth day of Tolkien Week! Are we already half way through? That’s a bit sad to think about… Who’s with me and celebrate Tolkien the whole year round?

I realized just now when loading the next character drawing that I have managed to draw a different Middle-earth race each day! Today we’re having a human. So, Maia/Istari, Hobbits, Elf, Human… Pretty exciting for what comes next huh? Put down suggestions on which race should be featured during this week (Three days to go)!

  • Dwarf, Dragon, Orc, Balrog, Animal (examples: Huan and Gwaihir), Ent, Ainu etc. What will it be?
WP_20150924_17_07_41_Pro (2)

Tuor. Illustration by the author of this blog. Do not use without permission.

Tuor son of Huor of the House of Hador is one of the most famous humans in Middle-earth history. He met Ulmo, Lord of Water, and then lived in the secret city Gondolin with the elves. There he met Idril, the elvish princess, who he loved and they got a son Eärendil. After Beren and Lúthien this was the second time a man and elfmaiden was united.

We know that Tuor was taller than the average man and that he had golden hair. He rather carried an axe than a sword. The most difficulty I had with this illustration is that I wanted to depict Tuor as he might have looked when dwelling in Gondolin. Now, the problem here is that the craft of the elves in Gondolin is among the finest in Middle-earth history. Reflecting this is incredibly difficult. At least I was able to draw an axe that doesn’t look too much out in place if compared to Sting, Glamdring and Orcrist as we know them from the screen adaptions. The rest of the outfit i tried to create a mixture of human and elvish design. Of importance was to incorporate the colours of Tuor’s house(blue) and his sigil, the swan wings.

3 thoughts on “Tolkien Week: Day 4 – Tuor son of Huor

    • Thank you! No, I don’t. Yet. I have been meaning to try to earn some money on my art for quite some time… But I’m so critical of my own stuff and I have not figured out which platform to use and then I need to wrap my mind around how it will work with taxes and all. I will get there eventually though!


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