Tolkien Week: Day 5 – Glaurung

Ok, so, I decided to step into the realm of bad guys and servants of Morgoth!

Without further introduction (because it is late, and I am tired) I give you Glaurung!

WP_20150925_22_46_20_Pro (2)

As you might know, Glaurung is a dragon, or fire-drake. He was the first of the dragons by Morgoth and also of high rank among the servants of Morgoth. Incredibly cunning and powerful he was by good reason feared.

He is best known for the sacking of Nargothrond and the dealings with the Children of Húrin (Turin and Niënor). At last Túrin was able to slay the dragon, but not until after a lot of damage had been caused to his family and the realm.

For my design I wanted to go for quite a traditional looking dragon and I my main inspiration was the illustration that Tolkien himself had done of Glaurung. Although I do not feel that my image at all reach the terribleness (?) that is Glaurung and that this can wholly represent him, I always really enjoy to draw dragons!

Illustration by J.R.R. Tolkien of Glaurung.

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