Tolkien Week: Day 7 – A wizard is never late, but a Dwarf might be!

Hello all! I did not have time to draw yesterday so I post it today instead as the final post of Tolkien Week! It has truly been a great week and I can’t remember when the last time I drew something on each day of the week last (oh yes I can, that was in upper secondary scool, ~5 years ago). So that have been really nice, and I have actually finished all the drawings. I have made no sketches, so what I have posted is basically what first came to mind when drawing. Some conceptual thoughts after I had made the outline of the character’s body drives me to have a solid idea for the design. Especially in this case! This illustration is depicting Dís, sister of Thorin, and mother of Kili and Fili.

WP_20150928_16_44_58_Pro (2)

Dís the dwarf, mother of Kili and Fili. Illustration by the author of this blog. Do not use without permission.

My pattern of thought is something like this: Ok, here we have a character that is of a royal line, is female but can be mistaken for male (beards and muscles) and she is related to some of our very well known characters.

My first reaction to this is: I do not want her to look too feminine. I believe that female dwarves are just as active as the male ones and should therefore be dressed in practical clothing. So, a dress or something frilly was out of the question. I started to consider her social role. Since she is royal I thought that just maybe, working the mines would not be her role. I thought that maybe the females are more associated with magics (I was inspired by Old Norse Völva’s) and basically the cultural heritage. I decided that Dís could very well be incredible learned in the history and culture of dwarves and with magical practices. Then I decided that my depiction should be during the exile from Erebor. So the clothes are a bit more down-to earth, not royal, no armor, but the essentials of a traveling person.

So, well, then I ended up with this image… What are your thoughts on the female dwarves? Their social status considering they are fewer in numbers than the males and why they are more “hidden” than the males. Or is this only a false perception because they are sometimes mistaken for males?

Ok, so this is my final post for Tolkien Week! I hope you have enjoyed my illustrations. If you want ot see some other Tolkien related images of mine you can check it out here (there are some quite old drawings). I won’t be posting anything for some time now. I am going to finish reading another A Song of Ice and Fire book to relax my brain a bit. I’ll be informing you when I get back to reading another Tolkien book! 

4 thoughts on “Tolkien Week: Day 7 – A wizard is never late, but a Dwarf might be!

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    • Hi Andy! Sorry for not seeing your comment until now. Well, that scene is played out quite differently in the book, there is no picture or description of Gloin’s wife there. So, it is not book-canon. 🙂 Yes, you are using the word right if I understood you correctly.

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