Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you so much Olga at the Middle-Earth Reflections to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I’ve only followed your blog for a short time, but I have to say that it one of the best designed ones that I follow and I look forward to taking my time to read more of your essays.

Now on to the official procedure.

The rules:

– Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
– Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
– Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
– List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

The Questions:

1. What is your favourite book ever?

I think that it would have to be the whole Harry Potter book series, which I started to read when I was 7/8 (I got the first two books in winter -99/-00, which was a little over a year before the swedish edition of the third book was published). The reason for this is probably because I have such a strong emotional connection to these books, having read and reread them so many times over while growing up. Also, they’re bloody great.

2. How did you get into reading?

Well, I did enjoy reading some Astrid Lindgren books as a child, but it was really the Harry Potter books that did get me more into like novels which are 200+ pages and with normal font size.

3. What was the first book you read?

I can’t remember, probably some children’s book, like something by Astrid Lindgren or similar.

4. What is your favourite quote?

I can never come up with any quotes at all when I get the question. I suppose I don’t have one. 😛

5. What is your favourite atmosphere for reading?

In a sofa or comfy chair, with a cup of tea.

6. How do you prefer discovering new books to read?

I am not sure if I have any preferences. I am often drawn to classics that I hear about over and over again in various contexts.

7. Do you prefer physical books or ebooks?

Physical. I have never read ebooks. I have read PDF-articles on a touchscreen for studies. But I have found that I do not enjoy reading it over a longer period of time.

8. What inspired you to start your blog?

Well, because I know from having read the Silmarillion twice that very little of the content of that book stuck in my mind after reading. The same is for Unfinished Tales which I have read only one time. So, when I got the History of Middle-Earth books and started to read them, I remembered my english classes from high school when we wrote reviews and did analyses of some stories, that it had helped me a lot to get a bit closer to the content. Like, it is three steps of learning: 1) reading the chapter, 2) taking notes of the chapter, 3) formulating the story in short, for which it is important to understand the essentials of what I’ve read. It really helped me to get better aquainted to the text. I thought it to be a good outlet to put it in a blog, being available to everyone else. Like, if y0u don’t quite exactly remember what a specific plot or chapter was on, I/anyone can easily go back to my posts and get a reminder. It is mainly for personal reason and therefore the blog is mainly active when I’m currently reading any Tolkien books. Sometimes I feel the pressure to post stuff and to read, but when I feel that pressure I most often don’t enjoy the process and get stressed, so I rather not spoil a read that should be wonderful rather than stressful.

9. What’s the story behind your blog’s name?

It is basically based on me reading The History of Middle-Earth books series, but it can also be referring to the actual History of Middle-Earth, which you can get to by reading any of Tolkien’s books taking place in Middle-Earth. However, I am including all of Tolkien’s writing here, even though it may not be directly connected to Middle-Earth/Varda.

10. What are the things that inspire you?

Oh, mainly a lot of various fiction. Books, movies, graphic novels. I am also very inspired by the human past, from many points of views. That’s why I went into studying archaeology in the first place. Also, a lot of art does inspire me. For this  blog though, I am mainly inspired by the books of Tolkien obviously, also by the fancommunity that is connected to Tolkien’s works. I really want to have a stronger connection to the community.

11. When you write something, do you prefer to do it by hand or type straight away into your blog?

I take some notes by hand as preparation for the blog. But I never write out the whole post, it is just to make things easier when I write away. I formulate all the sentences in the blog. This is why my language is somewhat messy at times, because I write it quickly and I tend not the read through the post thouroughly. When I notice mistakes when seeing them after I have posted, I correct it. Feel free to point out my mistakes for me! I know that I can have some small things that make the text inconsistent, in terms of grammar.


Here are the blogs I’d like to nominate:

  4. (Sam)
  5. (Frodo)
  9. …I don’t follow any more blogs, so I have no idea who more to nominate. Do you have any quality Tolkien or geeky fandom blogs to recomment, please post a comment! 🙂

Here are 11 questions for the blogs I nominated:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Do you have other platforms online?
  3. Outside of blogging, do you engage in other types of writing?
  4. If you could only visit one more new place the rest of your life, which destination would it be?
  5. What things are you most grateful over in your life?
  6. What are the top three fictional characters you relate the most too?
  7. Do you have your dream job/education?
  8. Have you ever gone to the cinema or a restaurant alone?
  9. Where in the world do you live and do you like it there?
  10. What content to do you enjoy blogging about the most?
  11. If you could meet three historical persons (who are now deceased), who would it be?


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