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Going Through the History of Middle-Earth – Chapter by Chapter

This non-profit blog was created by me, Lee, in April 2015. Using this blog I will share my reading experience of the publications of J.R.R. Tolkien, mainly focusing on the books relevant to Middle-Earth. When I read other writings by Tolkien, these will be written about as well. First off I have read the first volumes of The History of Middle-Earth series: The Book of Lost Tales part one and two. I write one or two posts for each chapter. By writing about the books I hope to gain a deeper insight in the texts. Also, I hope that these summaries will make it easier for other readers to gain insight and find it easier to wrap one’s mind around the content. I really hope that this will grow into an interactive blog, where discussions between readers will blossom!

Other posts?

Once in awhile when I am reading other books or when I have to much to do with life in general getting in the way, I might not be able to post about the Tolkien publications! I had planned to make other Tolkien related posts. However, I found it to be a bit distracting from the content I want to focus on this blog. So, there might be some times between updates, it really depends on if and when I am reading a Tolkien publication. You are welcome to go back to older posts and engage, since we all have different reading habits!

Enjoy reading Tolkien! Pick up a book, read a chapter and join in by commenting on posts! 🙂


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