Tolkien Week: Day 5 – Glaurung

Ok, so, I decided to step into the realm of bad guys and servants of Morgoth! Without further introduction (because it is late, and I am tired) I give you Glaurung! As you might know, Glaurung is a dragon, or fire-drake. He was the first of the dragons by Morgoth and also of high rank … Continue reading Tolkien Week: Day 5 – Glaurung

Tolkien week: Day 3 – Lúthien Tinúviel

Okay, so, another day another illustration! So far I have actually done my part and completed a drawing each day, it is a habit I hope to continue! (To draw for 1-2 hours several days a week). Anyway, I thought that I wanted to give a try on a very well known character this time … Continue reading Tolkien week: Day 3 – Lúthien Tinúviel