II: The Book of Lost Tales part 2, III: THE FALL OF GONDOLIN (1/2)

This twosplit post concerns the chapter about Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin, one of the great stories of the first age and the biggest battles fought in the history of Middle-Earth. One difference from some later versions is that here we follow what happen to Tuor up until after the Fall of Gondolin. My comments will be featured in the second post.

I: The Book of Lost Tales part 1, II: THE MUSIC OF THE AINUR (post 1/2)

The first part of the chapter "The Music of the Ainur" consists of a text which picks up from where the "Cottage of Lost Play" ended. It mainly describes a meeting between Eriol and aged Rúmil who dwells at the cottage and cares for the garden. This part forms a link between the "Cottage of Lost Play" and the tale of "The Music of the Ainur".