The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, III: Errantry

Errantry is a poem made by Bilbo, possibly on early days after returning from his journey. The poem is a bit nonsensical and follows a mariner. An earlier version of this poem, with the same name, was published in the Oxford Magazine the 9th November 1933. A later version of the poem is Eärendil Was a Mariner which is also by Bilbo, in The Lord of the Rings.


Tolkien Questionaire (5/5)

Favorite horse? Bill! Because I’m so glad he could come with the Hobbits and Strider from Bree and get better. If you could spend a day in Middle-earth, what would you want to do? I’d go join in listening to storytelling around a hearth where I could find it. Maybe in Meduseld or a camp … Continue reading Tolkien Questionaire (5/5)

Tolkien Questionaire (4/5)

Have you read the book? Yes, I don’t think I’d be able to answer some of the earlier questions if not! I think that I have read The Hobbit four times and The Lord of the Rings three times. I might have written about this in my “About the blogger” section? Have you ever had … Continue reading Tolkien Questionaire (4/5)


Tolkien Questionaire (3/5)

Here are the next answers to the Tolkien Questionaire that I am currently doing! The first two questions this time is really difficult for me because I have no memory for lines and quotes! I remember the overall big picture and various facts here and there, but exact phrasing, that’s difficult… So, I don’t think … Continue reading Tolkien Questionaire (3/5)


Tolkien Questionaire (2/5)

Here are my answers to the next ten questions! Who is your least favorite paring? (canon or non-canon) Going non-canon here: Sam and Frodo. Because the whole point is that it is about their resolute friendship and care for each other, their close relationship is not of a romantic nature. What unpopular opinion do you have … Continue reading Tolkien Questionaire (2/5)


Tolkien Questionaire (1/5)

Since I've just got about a few days to finish the book I'm reading before taking up The Book of Lost Tales part 2, I'm thinking that I will do like A Tolkienist's Perspective and answer these Tolkien related questions. I'll be featuring 10 questions for each posts. So there will be five of them. … Continue reading Tolkien Questionaire (1/5)