The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, XVI: The Last Ship

This poem is one of the poems in this publication that is said to be derived from traditions in Gondor, but a part of Shire-lore written down in the Fourth Age. The story features a mortal woman invited to join the elves and sail to "Elvenhome" An earlier version of this poem was published in 1934 and was called Firiel.

The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, XIV: The Hoard

The Hoard is a poem concerning the theme of greed. In the preface it is written that this poem was written in the Hobbits' Red Book and it depended 'on the lore of Rivendell, Elvish and Númenórean, concerning the heroic days at the end of the First Age". It is a revision of an earlier version called  Iúmonna Gold Galdre Bewunden, published in 1923.