Tolkien Week: Day 4 – Tuor son of Huor

Fourth day of Tolkien Week! Are we already half way through? That's a bit sad to think about... Who's with me and celebrate Tolkien the whole year round? I realized just now when loading the next character drawing that I have managed to draw a different Middle-earth race each day! Today we're having a human. … Continue reading Tolkien Week: Day 4 – Tuor son of Huor

II: The Book of Lost Tales part 2, V: THE TALE OF EÄRENDEL

This post concerns the chapter The Tale of Eärendel. This and the next chapter are two chapters that are based on outlines and notes about the plot and do not consist of narrative form. Earlier chapters have been told as tales to which Eriol listens, but here we completely lack this element. The chapter provides outlines, notes and poems which Christopher Tolkien have commented. The Tale od Eärendel was meant to follow-up on the The Tale of the Nauglafring which left off at the flight of Elwing. However, this chapter also put some light on the Eldar leaving Kôr. I will give a summary of that first and then focus on the fates of Eärendel and his family. More of the Eldar leaving Kôr will be featured in the next post.